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28 November, 2022


Nothing short of a personal dev-olution


Welcome to Juro-dev@Jurolytics! I am glad you are stopping by.

This site is part of the Jurolytics blog network.

Here you will find an overview of my latest digital projects. The selection of posts might end up looking a bit random, as the content may range from social science-related exercises to all sorts of other coding adventures.

Talking about social science, I should mention that this blog has taken considerable inspiration from the The Programming Historian website and all the great contributions that can be found there. Since this journey (or “personal dev-olution”, if I may) is only just beginning, I hope to eventually find the appropriate style and structure to provide you with rich and engaging reading.

Please feel free to connect on Twitter and/or Github and get in touch with me regarding feedback, your own work, and/or ideas for possible joint projects.

Have a great day!